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Sleepy winter Thames -


I now live and work mainly in London where I have a studio and a growing audience for my paintings. I still have strong family ties with Cornwall. Here in London I benefit from the urban buzz of living in a mega city, finding inspiration in the huge variety of art in the galleries here and find the ever changing urban landscape an inspiring contrast to the slower pace of the countryside. That you can take the woman out of Cornwall but can't take Cornwall out of the woman is so true. Having grown up surrounded by the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Cornwall, I find that  the subjects that  offer me a glimpse of nature, even here in London, are the ones that I am most drawn to.


Sleepy winter Thames -

Jacqui Hatton

Often relying on my camera as an aid to memory, I had temporarily forgotten what pleasure a sketchbook can be. A sort of playground for paint and pencils.  I have been venturing out to sit with my flask, sketch book, pencils and watercolours, and to see how trying to keep up with nature's constant re-ordering will push my painting along.